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King Post Walls


King Post Walls are a cost effective system of retaining walls. Also known as Berlin Walls and Soldier Piles, King posts are isolated steel columns or beams that are installed along the line of the proposed retaining wall typically at centres between 1 and 3m. The space between the posts is filled, over the retained height, using a variety of different solutions but most commonly a precast concrete panel.

The king post system is comparatively quick to install and comprises augering a hole with a CFA piling rig, filling it with concrete and installing a steel H section which facilitates timber sleepers or concrete/steel panels to be mounted between the webs of the section, resulting in the finished embedded retaining wall.

In some cases king post can be installed by being driven into the ground using vibro or impact hammers however greater positional tolerance should be allowed.

King post walls may be used for many different retention applications and a king post solution is generally cost effective for retained heights up to 3m.