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Close Proximity Piling


Through the use of DAWSON-WAM's relatively silent and vibration-free pile installation we can offer a virtually zero tolerance installation when working adjacent to existing buildings and structures. This can be extremely beneficial to clients in maximising space when working within built up environments such as city centre sites.

The Cased CFA systems operates an offset system where the most outer part of the system is the casing which mean piles can be installed extremely close to existing structures. Typically piles can be installed within 100mm of existing structures where Conventional CFA systems are restricted by the drive motor geometry and require at least 600mm clearance.

For a Client's peace of mind DAWSON-WAM can carry out all pile testing, vibration & noise monitoring, pile deflection analysis and sensitivity analysis of adjacent structures when completing close proximity works.

Please browse our electronic Basements Brochure which best showcases our capabilities.