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Northern Ireland: Newry Road WwPS Warrenpoint



Northern Ireland Water

Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

DAWSON-WAM Build project with partial design using NEC Option A

Newry Road WwPS & Storm Tank was provided by two 10.7m dia shafts 11m deep including 800m3 of storm storage in difficult ground conditions with high water table.

Shafts dropped into rock by a combination of top down construction and underpinning supplemented with radial ground water control. Electric submersible borehole pumps controlled ground water with subsequent silt settlement tank utilised prior to discharge.

Duty/standby variable speed transfer pumps 250l/s foul & 1360l/s storm, tank cleaning pump, storm overflow, 6mm electric powered overflow screen. Generator/NIE kiosks & MCC completed MEICA requirement.

1200mm dia storm overflow pipe for emergency discharge to Carlingford Lough and controlled by tideflex valve. Pumping main to Warrenpoint WwTW constructed by 1.7Km of 500mm OD HPPE SDR26 in open-cut. Other pipe-work, to 4m deep, included 327m of 1200/1050mm dia Class H concrete, 640m of 150mm dia uPVC & 51m of 450mm dia DI.

Manholes included 6 no. 2x2x4m deep insitu & 14no. 2400/1500/1200mm dia PCC. Abandonment of existing WwPS was also required. Project constraints included working in Warrenpoint Harbour and a Christmas embargo, 4th Dec to 4th Jan, for working in roads.

MEICA inputs inc: Design, Construct, Testing & Commissioning, Subcontracted to OVIVO Ireland.