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London: Odyssey River Wall



Redrow Homes Ltd

River Thames, Isle of Dogs, London

Dawson WAM Ltd was awarded a 16 week contract to construct a tied sheet pile retaining wall on the River Thames for Redrow Homes ( South East) Ltd.  9m long steel sheet piles were installed using DAWSON-WAM’s leader rig over a length of 180 linear metres. The wall was anchored using 50nr ground anchors installed from the behind the existing retaining wall.

Sheet piles were installed at a low level in front of the existing retaining wall and filled behind with 40-80mm cobbles to encourage an eco environment between the new sheet piles and the existing masonry retaining wall.

Timber fenders were fixed at each out pan at 2.5m c/c and where possible the existing timber fenders were removed and reused.