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Segmental Shaft Sinking


DAWSON-WAM have significant expertise in segmental shaft sinking in various ground conditions, with particular regard to water and wastewater infrastructure.

The company install segmental shafts using both caisson method (jacking) and underpinning techniques, to diameters of up to 30m and to depths of up to 20m and beyond. We carry in house a range of crawler cranes, long reach excavators and specialist equipment to facilitate segmental shaft sinking.

The company has also significant experience in preparatory works for segmental shaft sinking including circular sheet piled cofferdams, circular secant walls, fabrication of cutting shoes and guide collars.

The company can offer a full design & build option to clients for segmental shaft sinking including a MEICA (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation) design & installation package where required.