Lockes Wharf
Sheet Piling

Dawson WAM Ltd was awarded a 13 week contract to construct a tied sheet pile retaining wall on the River Thames for St. Georges London Ltd.  11m long steel sheet piles were installed using DAWSON-WAM’s Leader Rig at a rake of 1 in 10 over a length of 70 linear metres. The wall was anchored using tie rods fixed to the foundation slab of the new building.

Timber boards from the existing wall were recycled and fixed to the sheet piles using welded studs. In addition recycled Douglas Fir fenders were sourced, supplied and fixed vertically at 2.5m centres to the boarding. All recycled boards and fenders extended 300mm below the foreshore to encourage an eco environment between the piles and the timber cladding.


Prjoect Information

  • Client:
    St. Georges (London) Ltd.

  • Location:
    River Thames, Isle of Dogs, London


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