Concrete Piling

DAWSON-WAM are concrete piling specialists with expertise in Cased CFA and Conventional CFA techniques. The company are the largest Cased CFA specialist in the UK and we own and operate some of the largest CFA rigs available. This Cased CFA system has been used by DAWSON-WAM for the past 17 years to install reinforced concrete piles successfully throughout the UK and Ireland.

We also offer Rotary Bored Piling, Restricted Access Piling, and Restricted Headroom Piling as part of larger packages.

The Cased CFA Piling is a hybrid of Conventional CFA piling and Rotary Bored piling where an external casing which acts alongside the auger string.

The benefits of the Cased CFA system over Conventional CFA are;

  • More accurate installation - tolerances up to 1:150 vertical alignment.
  • Less susceptible to moving offline due to obstructions
  • Greatly reduced sensitivity to necking and flighting in soft or loose soils
  • Increased speed of installation
  • Much enhance capacity in coring stiff grounds and rocks

The Cased CFA systems operates an offset system where the most outer part of the system is the casing which mean piles can be installed extremely close to existing structures. Typically piles can be installed within 100mm of existing structures where Conventional CFA systems are restricted by the drive motor geometry and require at least 600mm clearance.


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DAWSON-WAM are specialist civil engineering and piling contractors with operations throughout the UK and Ireland.