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Contiguous Piling Retaining Wall


We have recently completed the installation of a contiguous piled retaining wall for our client GRAHAM Group on behalf of Diageo just outside Belfast.

The works involved the design and installation of 231 number Cased CFA piles into the underlying weathered basalt to form a 170m long retaining wall, with retained heights of up to 2.4m. We utilised our powerful Bauer RTG25s Rig in Cased CFA mode on this scheme, which allowed us to install piles up to 5m into the underlying basalt.

As well as allowing us to penetrate the basalt, our Cased CFA system allowed us to work in close proximity to the adjacent settlement tanks by helping to mitigate the risk of “flighting” of the softer more granular material which overlaid the rock, thus preventing any damage to the tanks.